Welcome to the web-site of Shepardsville Baptist Church. We are an Independent, Bible believing Baptist church. The sole purpose of our ministry is to glorify God. We believe this can be accomplished by winning sinners, discipling the saved, perfecting the saints and contending for the scriptures.

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In Christ,
Pastor Potter

Monday's Mini-Messages

Romans 3:19 - "Now we know that what things soever the law saith, it saith to them who are under the law: that every mouth may be stopped, and all the world may become guilty before God." It has often been said by preachers that you cannot be saved until you first realize you are lost. When pastors and believers point out people's sins, their motives are often impugned, as some assume this is done for self righteous reasons. However, the true motive is to make sinners aware of their need for salvation. Do you recognize that you have offended a holy God by breaking his moral laws? Do you realize the punishment for such behavior is eternal separation from Him? Because until you realize this, you are not in a position to be saved.
Psalm 39:7 - "And now, Lord, what wait I for? my hope is in thee." A story is told of researchers who divided rats into two different groups and placed them in containers filled with water. The researchers would periodically pick up the rats from group one and immediately drop them back into the water. However, the second group was left alone. While the second group of rats drowned within 1 hour, the first group survived nearly 24 hours in the water. The first group did not survive longer because they were allowed to rest, as the researchers only momentarily lifted them out of the water. Instead, the researchers concluded they lasted so much longer because they held out hope that someone would at any time come and lift them out of the water. In other words, their perseverance was due to HOPE! Hope is a powerful thing. It is so powerful that when a person's life is filled with pain and negative circumstances and they are convinced it will never get any better, they commit suicide. In the Bible the word hope means confident expectation, and all of those who have repented of their sin and put their faith in Jesus Christ to save them can confidently expect to be taken out of this world one day and into his presence. The Bible calls this the "Blessed Hope" in Titus 2:13. Do you have this hope?
Psalm 127:1 - "Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it..." Have you ever tried to run your two-cycle chain saw with unmixed fuel, or your vehicle without regularly scheduled oil changes? It does not normally work out well. If you want the most effective results from your equipment, you must operate them according to the manufacturers guidelines. Likewise, if our lives and homes are to bring forth the greatest results, we must pattern them after the principles given to us by our creator. While there are some circumstances outside of people's control, we should strive to pattern our lives, as best we can, after the principles of the Word of God. The world wants to do away with any reminder of God and this includes dismissing the necessity of a biblical home with a father, who provides and protects, a mother who supports the husband and guides the home, and children who are expected to obey their parents. But, according to the Bible, this is a blueprint for successful families.
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